Tuesday, August 7, 2007

looking @ david korty

i went to see david korty's paintings at china art objects a couple of weeks ago. i was surprised by how his work looks in person—i had only ever seen it in reproduction before (like in the landscape confection catalogue). i was expecting...not sure...lush, shimmery oil paintings? instead, sort of rough things, very much about texture, pattern, and the fabric of the canvas itself (maybe i pick up on this because it is subject matter i am interested in, too?). i almost felt like i was looking at snippets of huge woven and appliqued tapestries.

i wanted the paintings to be larger, to reveal more of themselves, in the same way that i want a really good book to never end so that i don't have to say goodbye to the characters. i wanted to reach out and touch the paintings, like they might be blankets that i could snuggle under.

(image is david korty's untitled (huntington gardens #2), oil and colored pencil on linen, 25"x28")

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