Friday, June 6, 2008

Here & Now @ Transformer Gallery

Last week I was in Washington, DC, installing work for the group show Here & Now at Transformer Gallery. The show had already gained some press around town, because part of it (at a satellite location) got shut down by the City. So, despite a huge rainstorm, we had a really great turnout at our talk and opening reception (thanks to Steve, Justin, and BMac especially!). It was wonderful to learn a little bit about the DC area's art community and to be part of it for a little while.

It was also a wonderful experience to go to a new place and make artwork. I was more or less improv-ing as I worked, letting the experiences I had in the city, in the gallery, and looking out the window inform my choices. I felt very open to the world around me for that whole week, expecting to find inspiration in every face or around every corner. Thanks, DC!

Final installment of Here & Now, with work by me and the amazing Valerie Molnar, on view at Transformer Gallery through June 14. Go see it!

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