Friday, August 28, 2009

In Search of Q, Dallas Edition

It’s my last day in Dallas, so I finally got around to eating some local barbecue. I’ve heard and read unkind things said about the local fair here in DFW, but I felt that I needed to give it a shot. Texas style barbecue is different from what I grew up eating, more beef focused and smoky mesquite flavored. But, you know, when in Rome…

In my neighborhood is a little place called Mac’s. Every time I have driven by it, I have made a mental note to try it later….which promptly gets tossed into my mental trash can. It doesn’t help that Mac’s is a workaday lunch-only place (11-2 Mon-Fri, or something like that), at which point I’m usually finishing up my coffee.

But today was the day! Mac’s décor is straightforward, fake-wood-paneled, cafeteria chairs, sit-down-and-eat style. I felt like I had stepped back into the employee lounge at my dad’s office circa 1985. I got a sliced beef sandwich, M got sausage, and we split sides of slaw and beans. The beef was tender and good, like a well-made roast; the sausage came thin-sliced and grilled on a bun, and with the hot-sweet sauce was a rare treat. The sides were straightforward and good also, complimentary but never distracting.

We ordered take out so we could wash it all down with our last two Shiners.

I hear the Frito Pie is good. Next time…

Mac’s Barbecue
3933 Main Street
Dallas, TX 75226
Open weekdays for lunch

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