Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WPA Coup d'Espace: Fort Distraction, Day 1

Today I began my Coup d'Espace project at the Washington Project for the Arts. Over the next three weeks, I will be building a large bed sheet installation in the organization's office space in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Here's what I accomplished:

A car full of sheets (the trunk was totally full as well).

My bags of sheets taking over the space.

Me at work (thanks to Kendall Nordin, my first visitor, for taking the photo). I decided to wear a kind of uniform each day so that I contrast with my materials and the other people working in the space (this is an office, after all). All black seemed like an obvious choice for this: a little bit art-world cliche, a little bit behind the scenes stage hand.

Today's work complete.

I think the work I do during the first couple of days of my Coup will be like a sketch for what is to come. I am trying out my materials in the space, learning what I can attach them to and how to best deploy the elements already in the space (benches, boxes, shelves, other misc. furniture).

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