Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WPA Coup d'Espace: Fort Distraction, Day 7

Before today's Snoprise set in, I got back to work on Fort Distraction. I am finishing up the entryway area and moving into the office proper, as well as adding color.

Unfortunately, a dark and cold house greeted me and Mr. MJ when we returned home in the afternoon. We sort of camped out in here with candles and lots of layers for five hours or so til electricity was restored.

Today's snow and the events surrounding it (amazing traffic jams, early dismissals, Metrobus stoppage, socially networked snowball fights, etc.) are to me the perfect pairing for my Coup d'Espace project. I was thinking back to the wonder of last year's snowstorms, how they were this amazing break from the post-holiday doldrums that can set in during the hard part of winter. I wanted to conjure up the longing for such an event that I think a lot of DC residents have felt this year every time there is a hint of the white stuff. Here's hoping though that this is just a taste....I don't think we really want to spend a month digging out again.


Leora Lutz said...

wow! i love it so gorgeous- comforting yet unsettling!

mj said...

thanks so much!