Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WPA Coup d'Espace: Fort Distraction, Day 12

When I got to the WPA office today, I realized that the red wrapping I did at the end of the hall yesterday was distracting. It was too all-over one color, without the subtle gradation in color or wrapping patterns that I had developed in other areas. So, I spent the day reworking this area and expanding it a bit. Here are the results:

My fourth visitor, independent curator and critic Danielle O'Steen, talked to me about this project for quite a while this morning and helped me see some of the problems with the work I did yesterday. Like the conversations I've had with my other visitors, this one helped me reflect on and process the work I have been doing over the past 2.5 weeks. Here are some of my notes from our talk:

-When there are several like things (like office chairs or cardboard accordion benches), viewers automatically want to compare them, noticing how they have been dealt with similarly or differently.
-The scale of this work allows for both passages and focal points. What is the role of a focal point in a work like this?
-The moments of detail are more about where the sheets meet the office furniture rather than being intricate manipulations that I have created.
-The process of creating this work has been more painterly than my previous installations. That is, because of the duration of my work on the piece, I have come back to it over the course of many days as I would a painting, gradually changing, building on, or canceling out things that were done previously in order to move the work forward.

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