Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DC Women Artists Now Reception, 4/5

The reception for DC Women Artists Now at Gallaudet University was a lovely time of hot tea and good conversation.

Work by Gretchen Schermerhorn in the foreground, and Carolina Mayorga in the background

Work by Annie Albagli in the foreground, and me in the background

Work by Michelle McAuliffe in the foreground, with the conclusion of Kendall Nordin's drawing performance in the background

Carolina Mayorga with work by Kristina Bilonick

Kristina Bilonick & Kendall Nordin


Julie said...

Of course I love the giant Mascara!

mj said...

yeah, it's a pretty great artwork. the artist said it is a kind of memorial for her grandmother. i think many of us might like a memorial like that. :)