Thursday, January 20, 2011

WPA Coup d'Espace: Fort Distraction, Day 3

Today was slow. I got caught up in some details. However, I think they are details worth keeping. We'll see what I think about them tomorrow.

The WPA has these amazing corrugated cardboard, modular benches that they can deploy in different configurations around the office as needed. I am using them as a kind of scaffolding for my work. The allow some beautiful, poetic moments to happen.

I also built upon my fortification of the reception desk, this time adding in some black and gray sheets.

Lisa Rosenstein was my second visitor. She talked to me about my work for quite a while and helped me process some of it. Namely, I realized how hard I am thinking the whole time I am working. (That's probably why I feel wiped out after only 4 hours.) Most of the time when I have a show and make an installation, I have a plan that I have tried out ahead of time, so I just work to get the plan realized. This time, I am making the plan up as I go along. It's hard work, but kind of fun too. I can feel my brain stretching.

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